Investor Fuse Complete 2023 Review (Read Before Buying!)

Investor Fuse is a complete premium CRM for real estate investors that has earned its place in the top ten CRMs for wholesalers and flippers .

We’ve been inside this CRM, we’ve been customers of there’s, and have clients that use it… So’ll well do a deep dive into Investor Fuse to help you make a decision of whether or not it’s for you!

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Unique Features

Pros and cons

What type of investor is this for?


How does it compare with other CRMs?

How to dominate follow-up with Investor Fuse

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What is Investor Fuse?

Investor Fuse is a complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for wholesalers and flippers.

If you want to boil down what a CRM is… it’s basically an advanced DATABASE software that holds all your leads inside.

In this case, it should accurately be called “lead management software” because for investors you’re not managing customers, you’re managing leads.

If you’re an investor, wholesaler, and/or flipper who’s paying their time and/or money to reach out to sellers directly to buy their home, you’ll need a database (a CRM) to hold all those leads…

But like many other investor-CRM’s, Investor Fuse is NOT just a “database” — anyone can create a simple “database with Google Sheets…


Investor Fuse offers a whole array of automation, dashboards, and tools for an investor to effectively organize their workflow, their teams, their leads, their follow-up marketing.

There’s a lot more to what Investor Fuse does, And we’ll dive into those unique features here… but if you’re curious as to who owns Investor Fuse (which can be important), then let’s jump to the next section:

Who Owns Investor Fuse

It was originally created by Dan Schwartz, a wholesaler who was struggling to create a good workflow to organize his business.

It was then sold to Investor Carrot in 2023

This can be a good thing.

Investor Carrot is known for having excellent customer service and the budget for improving the features of the CRM.. and also keeping it simple (too many bells and whistles (as we’ll cover later) is not always a good thing!).

Here’s an interesting video from the original founder talking about how you DON’T need a CRM

(HINT: Investor Fuse calls themselves a LEAD management system… not a “Customer relationship manager”):

Unique Features of Investor Fuse

As mentioned earlier, Investor Fuse is a whole lot more than just a “database”…

You can run your entire wholesaling business with this CRM…

So, let’s take a look at some of the awesome features:

  1. Clean, Quick Dashboard —One great feature we love is how EASY and FAST it is to understand your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). When you log in, you can quickly see: “What’s our % of leads in follow-up?”, “What’s the % of closed transactions”. This is important when running a business to make sure you’re hitting your goals. One other great feature is how EASY it is to navigate… Other CRMs make it hard to go to other sections (you have to click through multiple things and their menu bar is small. Here, Investor Fuse’s dashboard has a big bold menu bar on the left that makes it super easy to access:Investor Fuse Dashboard
  2. Many Integrations—No CRM software is perfect and it shouldn’t be. That means that like many CRMs Investor Fuse doesn’t have ALL the tools you need as an off-market home buyer. That might seem like a CON to some… but we actually believe it’s a PRO. There are some CRMs that try to be “it all “: a dialer, a motivated seller website, an SMS blaster, etc…

    But to be honest, no company can be good at ALL things.

    When they try, they fail at 90% of the other stuff.

    Investor Fuse sticks with being a CRM software that integrates easily with the top tools for investors. So with that, because of their connections, their large network, and their great developers they can EASILY plug in things like Carrot, a phone system, a dialer, social media, etc.

    Here are screenshots of some of their 75+  integrations: Investor Fuse integrations dashboard
    List of Investor Fuse integrations

  3. Drip Follow System—60% of your deals will come from follow-up. So how’s your follow-up system? Investor Fuse has one of the top-of-the-line follow-up drip capabilities. You can send SMS, Email, tasks, Ringless Voicemail, and even direct mail. And it’s easy to set up:Investor Fuse sequence menu
    And it’s very easy to drop sellers and leads into sequences:Activating sequences in Investor Fuse
  4. Easy workflow and lead tracking — One thing that you don’t want to happen with your leads that you’re paying good money to acquire, is LOSING TRACK of leads. You want to know who you’ve made offers to, who you’ve called, etc.They have an easy menu section to keep track of your actions with leads:"Actions" dashboard in Investor Fuse
  5. Great Reporting—You have to be able to track and measure your performance to run a great business. That’s why Investor Fuse has some really great easy to follow reporting:Investor Fuse Reporting

Pros and Cons of Investor Fuse

Like all real estate investor software… it comes with pros and cons.

So list them and start with the cons:


  1. No accounting featuresSome CRMs have accounting and financing features. Some investors might like that so, if having “Quick Books” in your CRM is important for you then IF might not be for you.
  2. Not in all-in-one CRMUnlike some CRMs listed below, Investor Fuse deliberately DOESN’T try and be an “all-in-one” tool for investors (like having dialers already built it, or having a disposition tool). They focus on lead management with many integrations with other tools.For some investors, this is a big con because they don’t want to sign up for other tools. This “con” can actually be a pro depending on what type of investor you are (Below we’ll talk about who Investor Fuse is for and where you might fall into that category).
  3. Has one complaint of being “slow” Although we disagree with this (we’ve used it and have never experienced it being slow)… there was one complaint in 2022 from Trust Pilot of being slow(However, as you’ll notice in the screenshot, the Investor Fuse Support team quickly reached out to resolve it):Invetstor Fuse Review


  1. Easy Navigation

    This is an important function of a good CRM in our opinion. If it takes more than 1 click to get to the important menus… then it’s not a great CRM. Investor Fuse has nailed down navigation where the important sections/menus for off-market wholesalers and flippers are at the top and bolded.
  2. Top Customer SupportWe’ve tested it, and their team responds back to questions and concerns the SAME DAY. A hugely important feature of good real estate investing software. Smaller CRMs don’t have the budget to have a ready-to-go, knowledgeable support team with answers to your questions around the clock — We’ve experienced other CRMs not only take a few days to respond but also not understand the question you’re asking, so there’s a lot of back and forth.
  3. Constant Improvement
    They’re not a stagnating company. They’re constantly engaging with their clients, improving things, making it faster, adding integrations
  4. Training

    They offer weekly webinars with experts in the REI field. They offer free training in workflow management,  managing teams, and scaling.The most important feature of a software company is helping their client grow — it’s a good business practice (that many software companies don’t understand) because if their clients get better at what they do, then they stick around longer.
  5. Many good reviewsEven though there was 1 good review about being slow (we haven’t heard any other IF clients mention this), they do have a lot of good social proof from other investors:Investor Fuse reviews from trust pilotA good review on trust pilot about investor fuse CRM
  6. Great Integrations
    Although they don’t have already built-in tools (like a phone system) into their dashboard…You CAN still make phone calls from the dashboard on your desktop with their complete integration with several phone systems for real estate investors. And it’s not just phone system integrations…They have integrations of websites, social media, dispositions, dialers, direct mail, etc.
  7. Stays in their lane
    We’ve talked about how Investor Fuse is not an “all-in-one tool” as a con, but let’s now talk about how that’s a pro…Because some CRMs we list below have built-in software on TOP of the CRM so that you don’t have to purchase another tool… however that’s a con if you’re not a new investor (we explain this below). Because companies aren’t good at ALL things no matter how hard they try.

    Tools and services that try and be a “service for everything” end up being 100% crappy in 90% of what they do.

    So for example, a CRM that is ALSO a dialer, a dispositions tool, an email service provider, an accounting tool… has a terrible dialer, mediocre dispositions tool, below average ESP, and crappy accounting tool.

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What type of investor is this for?

Not every investor fits into the “avatar box” of each CRM.

Each CRM has a typical investor (or “avatar”) they’re trying to reach.

For Investor Fuse, because they aren’t an “all-in-one-tool” the investor that are NOT a fit are:

… New investors trying this business out.

If you’re brand new, and not sure if REI is for you (in other words you’re dabbling)… then Investor Fuse is not for you.

Instead, if you’re in this category, you’ll find that the “all-in-one-CRMs” that we list below are better suited. However, we have found that eventually, when an investor starts becoming serious, scaling, and doing deals…

… they eventually switch to a more simple CRM like Investor Fuse.

So, if you’re mindset is set, in being a real estate wholesaler or flipper no matter what…

… Then going with a top CRM that top investors ended up switching, is probably what you should do now rather than later when it’s a PITA to learn a new system.


Investor Fuse Pricing

Compared to other CRMs their price is very comparable and competitive.

They aren’t the most expensive and they’re not the cheapest. Here’s a screenshot of their pricing:

Pricing list of Investor Fuse

What you choose depends on how many users you’ll have and what features you’d like (see the screenshot below of features) ; AKA if you have a team like VA’s doing lead management for you, or you have a partner.

We don’t recommend sharing logins…

The reason is that you can ASSIGN leads to different people.

So if you have a partner and both of you are managing leads, you can each assign a lead to yourself and divide up the follow-up.

Here is a screenshot of the differences in the tiers: 

Pricing chart of Investor fuse

The most popular tier (the PRO) contains these features over the essentials: 

  1. Autoresponders… (for automatically sending replies)
  2. KPIs… (for knowing your business metrics (Key Perfomance Indicators))
  3. Resurfacing… (to help being back dead leads)
  4. Dialer integration… (for making cold calls or many follow-up calls quickly)
  5. Inbound call pop-ups… (when you’re on your desktop and a lead call comes in, a screen pops up notifying you if you want to answer (HINT: you’d (or someone else) better answer if you value “speed-to-lead”.
  6. And more

Set up fee

Almost every software charges a mandatory set up fee. So don’t be surprise when you see this screen below… because it cost time and money for a new software to onboard you and set your dashboard up…

The nice thing about it is in 1-2 days ALL your info is in the CRM and ready to use for you. It also comes with:

  1. Your own “account advisor” for you to reach out to with questions
  2. Integration service … to merge in all your already in-use tools
  3. Training
  4. Strategy sessions

Investor Fuse Set up fee

How does it compare with other CRMs?

Bottom line: Very comparable if you’re an active investor who’s serious about scaling.

There are not a whole lot of CRMs on the table at this price point that solely focuses on being a top lead management system while integrating seamlessly with other tools investors and wholesalers use on a daily basis

(we tried looking but didn’t find any that were worth comparing — they were either brand new and we couldn’t get any solid information, or they didn’t have any reviews)

Other CRMs are trying to be an “all-in-one” tool. So depending on what you prefer, you might want to go with some of those.

Here’s a list of CRMs that are more for investors that want an “all-in-one” experience:

  1. RealeFlow
  2. ReSimpli
  3. Freedom Soft

Is Investor Fuse Worth it?

At the end of the day, if you’re going to be serious about being an off-market real estate investor you HAVE to have some sort of lead management system (or CRM).

You can use spreadsheets (highly unadvisable unless you’re only dealing with a handful of leads at a time)…

Or you can use these “all-in-one” CRMs we mentioned above (if you prefer that)

Or you can just use Investor Fuse which only focuses on having stellar Lead management software and then integrates with other tools that have their sole focus (like Batch Dialer being a top dialing system).

So, with that…

For their price of $250 (on average) a month…

We believe Investor Fuse is a SOLID system that’s worth having if you plan on having 10+ new leads a month in your CRM. 

Other than that…

If you’re a low-volume investor (only dealing with a handful of leads) getting a CRM, in general, might not be worth it.

How to dominate your follow up

Our last bit of advice is more of an “Investor tip” for maximum deal flow…

First off, if you don’t USE a CRM (or lead management system) then it’s never worth it (no CRM will be).

But part of a good CRM is using it for following up — because as Founder of OmniDrip (a company that creates incredible custom drip sequences for investors written by the top copywriter in the industry)…

… 60% of deal flow can come from follow-up IF you’re following up appropriately.

With Investor Fuse, you can control your follow-up effortlessly using not only the “Action” tab (that enables you to assign tasks and actions to each lead)…

Action dashboard for Investor Fuse

But you can also seamlessly control which drip sequences (for follow-up) the lead goes into…

If you can learn how to follow up, you’ll be ten steps ahead of your competitors and Investor Fuse (really any CRM that allows for easy action assignment AND drip functions) will help you do that…

We hope this “Tools” review was informative and helpful in making the best decisions for your real estate investing venture1

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