2023 REISift Complete Review (Read Before Buying!)

2023 REISift Complete Review (Read Before Buying!)

REISift is one of the best software on the market for real estate investors today.

In this guide, we’ll show you what REISift is, introduce you to some of its most useful features, and explain how you can use it to grow your business.

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The TL;DR: What is REISift & Should You Use It?

If you’ve ever bought lists and then spent hours pouring through the data, trying to make heads of tails, figure out who to call first, who to call next, who might be a hot lead, without any real structure or systems to pull hot leads from that data?

Not to mention trying to remember who you’ve already spent money marketing to, who you haven’t marketed to yet, who hasn’t been marketed to enough…

Then the short is that, yes, REISift is exactly what you need in your business.

It’s going to take all the energy you’re spending just to keep your data organized and convert it into energy that’s moving your business forward every day, especially if you have a team helping you grow.

So if you want to end the frustration of trying to figure out who to market to first or next, keep deals from falling through the cracks, and skim hot prospects off the top first WITHOUT having to pour through that data manually…

click here to start your free REISift trial, plug one of your lists in, and explore the features to see just how much time you could actually be saving right now.

What Makes REISift Special?

Obviously, REISift isn’t the only CRM, data management, or project management tool out there on the market for real estate investors.

There’s services like Batch Leads, RESimpli, and more all promising you they can make you more efficient with your time and money…

So what makes REISift special?

For starters, REISift is one of the only options available that’s built by active investors who use and develop the software on a daily basis inside their own businesses.

And when the CEO — Tyler Austin — is absolutely obsessed with making this software as effective as possible…

…you can start to see why the REISift community has grown to more than 3,500 active investors and climbing, and why so many people have made it the backbone of their operations.

In fact, here are the features that make REISift so darn effective.

Feature #1 – Siftline

Siftline lets you take all the data and lists you’ve bought and built, upload them into the dashboard, and have it all consolidated into one centralized location.

Then, you can take that data and start building boards around it for each prospect and project that you have in motion and set up automations to make sure your team is being delegated tasks that need to happen and that you’re able to quickly see where each project is at.

Check this out:

This is how you start your day looking at your pipeline, figuring out who’s the hottest prospects, where leads and deals are at, and what your team has been working on WITHOUT spending 3-4 hours every morning wrapping your head around it.

Siftline lets you build project cards around your data so you can sort it into buckets, from new leads, offers made, acquisitions, active flips, every step in your process and then move those cards between boards based on where each one’s at right now.

Plus, you can use permission levels to automatically delegate tasks to key players on your team so you’re never losing deals to unorganized data again.

Click here to start your free trial and experience the difference for yourself.

Feature #2 – Offer Tracking

REISift’s Offer Tracking makes it so you aren’t trying to remember what you talked about, who you’ve made offers to, or who you’ve spoken with to move a deal forward so you can make an offer.

While you’re on the phone with a prospect, you can jot down notes, the offer you’ve made, when you made it, what it was for, if it was accepted, rejected, left outstanding, you name it.

Then, at a quick glance you can see what you talked about, when you talked, and what your next steps were when you left off with them.

This level of tracking is absolutely HUGE for saving the mental energy that could be spent on finding new leads, prospects, and getting deals across the goal line.

Feature #3 – Skip Tracing

With REISift’s internal skip tracing, you can trace your data from directly inside your dashboard.

This helps eliminate a lot of the external services that tend to double charge you for data that was included in the same data set.

For instance, what would happen with most skip tracing services if you found a property owner that owned, say, 10 properties? 20 properties? 50 properties?

Most of those services are going to charge you 10, 20, even 50 different times for the same duplicated data. That’s incredibly inefficient and why the CEO of REISift structured their rate schedule the way they have.

With REISift, you’re not being double charged for the data you plug in and trace, which is a really cool feature I haven’t seen other services offer with this level of data management.

Feature #4 – Data Filtering & List Stacking

The data filtering inside REISift lets you take the data you need, start filtering through it to find your ideal prospects, and then start stacking those lists together for incredibly targeted marketing campaigns.

For example, let’s say you’re looking for absentee owners with 80% equity in a specific zip code.

Plugging the info into REISift lets you quickly filter through to find who you should be marketing to first, who needs to be marketed to again, and who’s just going to waste your time so you’re uncovering highly motivated sellers with less effort.

I haven’t personally seen data filtering and list stacking as robust as the one in REISift, and I’ve tried a bunch of different services.

Click here to start your free trial to see what I mean.

Feature #5 – Property & Owner Records

As you start to import data into REISift, the algorithm will begin cleaning the records so you’re removing duplicates and incompletes.

And if you’ve ever tried to do this by sorting through a spreadsheet, you already know how much time you can be saving.

But since the service checks your records against the USPS, you can also verify that the data’s not only good, but that it’s completely optimized before you hand it off to your marketing team.

Which is really cool, because you can look at both property records AND owner records directly from your dashboard.

So let’s say you’ve found a property that you’re interested in.

You can move from the property records into the owner records and tell what other properties are owned by the same person, along with any communication you may have had with them already.

This is incredibly valuable and a feature I’ve only seen REISift pull together the way they have.

Feature #6 – Vacancy Check

REISift will periodically check through the data you’ve uploaded to figure out which properties might have gone vacant, uncovering prime opportunities that might have gone missed.

If you’ve ever gone back through your data and found a property that went vacant without you realizing it, you can see how powerful this feature can be.

Because once those property owners or landlords aren’t generating income from the property, chances are significantly higher they’ll entertain the offers you put in front of them.

And it happens without you having to manually sift through your data and get lucky enough to stumble on those vacancies as they go vacant — instead of months down the road.

Try REISift Now For Free!

Feature #7 – Sequences

And once you’ve done a few deals you’ve pretty much gotten the process figured out.

That’s when REISift lets you build automated sequences that keep your leads, prospects, and deals moving forward without you or your team being involved.

This helps you optimize your workflow and feed more data into the machine so you’re uncovering more potential deals without spending thousands on payroll or handling the tasks yourself.

From automating specific tasks to full followup campaigns, it’s hard to realize how much time you’re truly saving until you’ve seen them in motion.

And if you want to give it a try right now? Click here to start your free trial.

Feature #8 – CRM

With most data management services, you can tell pretty quickly that the developers have never actually used their own software.

As soon as you start trying to use their CRM, you realize that it isn’t very intuitive, that you’re clicking all over the place to find the data you’re looking for, and that it might just be easier to keep using your spreadsheets and notebooks.

The CRM inside REISift eliminates the clunky processes, messy notebooks, and spreadsheets all over the place so everything you need is in a central dashboard that can be accessed by you and your team at the same time.

Feature #9 – Click-To-Call

Once you start your REISift trial, I want you to run a test.

Take your normal operating procedure — the one you’re using right now.

Probably looks something like tracking down a number in a notebook or spreadsheet, grabbing your phone, finding notes from your last call, dialing the prospect, and then writing down notes about what you talked over with them.

Then go into REISift, plug in your prospect’s information, hit the ‘Click-To-Call’ button, place the call, put your notes into your Siftline board, and see how both felt for you.

Because, to me, there’s something extremely satisfying about having everything in front of me while I’m on the phone with the prospect and not have to fumble through my notes or spreadsheets.

To give it a shot, click here to start your free REISift trial.

Feature #10 – Project Management

The inbuilt “Tasks” in REISift make the burden of managing multiple projects significantly easier.

Once you’re building your Siftline board, you can automate assigning and delegating tasks so you know projects are always moving forward without having to wrangle your team together to make sure they understand what needs to get done.

This is what you use when you want to take your business from an amateur-hour hobby shop to a full-fledged investing outfit that builds a name in the areas you work.

No more dropping the ball, letting deals fall through the cracks, or letting weeks go by with projects going untouched while your profits are dwindling away.

REISift Integrations

And since REISift integrates with most of the software you’re already (or should already) be using, making the transition over doesn’t require you to spend thousands of dollars on a developer to handle the migration.

Here’s a small handful of the services REISift can communicate with:


If you’re using webhooks, web apps, or running ads on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google, TikTok, etc, Zapier will help Zap your leads directly to your dashboard so you’re not double touching your data.

This, by itself, can save you and your team up to 20 hours a week.

If you know that 20 hours can be better spent, click here to start your free trial.


REIRail, by itself, is incredibly powerful for helping you track your calls, send ringless voicemails, and intercepting calls to run the data against your database.

This gets you everything you need to know about your caller and their property so your team is armed with extremely valuable information before they answer.

Integrating your REIRail account into your REISift dashboard helps you build rapport faster and massively increases your conversion rates across the board.


As the world went remote, we got a quick glimpse into what’s possible when your team is comfortable, spending less time in traffic, and more time being productive.

With ReadyMode coupled to your REISift dashboard, your team can go fully remote without slowing down your sales or wondering who needs to be doing what and when.

If you’re already using ReadyMode with your team, click here to start your free REISift trial.


Getting your inbound and outbound calls synced up onto a single platform is possible with the combination of CallTools and REISift.

When you combine them together, managing your call center, getting real time reports, monitoring your agents, and using call recordings to improve your closing rate gets significantly easier to manage.

Smarter Contact

SMS, text, and Messenger marketing has quickly become one of the highest ROI marketing strategies you can use to find new leads and prospects.

With the REISift and Smarter Contact integrations, you can build rapport faster, uncover phone numbers and addresses for new leads in your pipeline, and effectively scale your communication channels so you’re getting a higher return on every dollar you spend on ads.


Aircall has quickly become one of the best call center services for helping your team keep calls moving forward, getting prospects the help they need, and making your reps as efficient as possible.

REISift integrates with the click-to-dial, call logging, SMS, call routing, analytics, and more, giving you everything you need to keep your ROI in your call center high.

If you’re growing your business with a call center and Aircall, click here to start your free trial and see how seamless it integrates into REISift.

REISift Pricing

The first, and best value, is subscribing to their annual plan. This breaks down to around $40 per month when you count the two months you get free on the Essentials package.

If you need more records and data integrations, prices range from $125 to $240 per month when you subscribe annually.

If you’re on the fence, though, and just want to test the waters, you can get a free 7-day full featured trial to take a look under the hood, and then upgrade on a month-to-month basis for only $49 per month for the Essentials plan.

If you’re looking for more robust options and solutions, REISift has $149/mo and $299/mo packages available, depending on the size of your business, team, and the integrations you need.

Final Thoughts

I don’t personally want to think back on how inefficient I was before I started using REISift in my business.

To say it was chaotic is an understatement.

Trying to deal with clunky, inefficient systems every day was what I thought just had to happen since I saw so many investors around me doing the same thing.

But once I got into REISift and started tapping into its full potential I realized just how much money I was leaving on the table and how much harder I was working for each deal.

So if you’re tired of dealing with systems that slow you down and want to start tapping into real efficiency in your investing business, you literally have nothing to lose by giving REISift a try.

Click here, start your free trial, give it a fair shake, and then report back to me what you thought.

And if this REISift review for 2023 didn’t answer all your questions?

Drop a comment below and let me know.

Try REISift Now For Free!

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