2023 DealMachine Complete Review (Read Before Buying!)

When it comes to the world of REI, there are plenty of software programs and apps that claim to start your business off right and help improve your ROI’s.

DealMachine is one of the few softwares that was made with investors in mind. They offer a variety of tools and features too. And we’ve got the inside scoop on why DealMachine is worth every dollar you spend and every deal you get. It even offers to simplify your REI life. Let’s take a look at what DealMachine offers…

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The TLDR: What is DealMachine & Should You Use It?

DealMachine is a real estate investing and wholesale software. It boasts that it can help any REI business whether starting out or having been in the game for years. If you’re looking to up your REI business, yes. With unique features and affordable options, DealMachine offers quality software. They also grant features that competitors don’t and combine features for ease of use.

Let’s unpack some of the reasons why DealMachine averages 4.8 stars on app stores, as well as being recommended by Forbes, inman, BiggerPockets, and WSJ.

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DealMachine Driving For Dollars Features

Have you felt like you wasted money sending out letters, or wasted time while putting together emails? Or worse, target a zip code, drive out to it, and find out you’ve already been there.  If you’re nodding along, DealMachine’s Driving for Dollars tracker is for you!

More people are using the Driving for Dollars mode as it’s a much more relevant and direct way to find wholesale properties. Simply put: when you find yourself driving down a street seeing homes you think could end up being a great wholesale deal, and put these properties into leads lists for later… That’s Driving for Dollars.

One of the best things about the Driving For Dollars features is that you can get every street covered, avoid finding yourself needlessly on the same street more than once, get mileage-based tax reductions and more! Let’s go over how some of these features work.

Route Tracking

DealMachine’s route tracking allows you to organize your team in real time driving routes. This way, you can work on targeting new and fresh areas and potentially earn yourself more deals.

The best part about this feature is that everyone on your team can see the routes and see where other team members have been. No more accidentally going down the same street twice!

Drive Session Summaries

The Drive Session summaries keep you from overpaying your DealFinders. This feature lets you see who, what, when, where, and how many properties each person on your team has found.

With this, you won’t find yourself overpaying or underpaying, with exact completed routes, properties that were added, time spent, and how many miles got covered.

Route Freshness Meter

Knowing when to re-drive a particularly lucrative zip code can be hard to determine. And no one wants to waste the time doing it. Luckily, with DealMachine’s Driving For Dollars you can visualize route freshness whenever.

The Driving for Dollars app has a handy feature that will highlight those zip codes in a GREEN (0-6 months), YELLOW (6-12 months), or RED (12-24 months) system which shows you when you should consider revisiting that zip code again.

Data Exporting

With the data exporting system that Driving For Dollars offers, you are able to accurately calculate your tax deductions and analyze how your Driving for Dollars data is working in a spreadsheet.

It’s a quick and easy export that makes your taxes easier!

DealMachine List Building Features

One of the most important things a wholesaler can tell you is the importance of having your lists in order. DealMachine’s list builder feature grants you access to a real estate specific lead generation software called List Builder Engine. This particular software is tailored to anything you could need on your lists.

The List Builder Engine is the fastest way to generate real estate leads and cover entire neighbors all while being able to get the big picture and not compromise quantity for cost.

With popular List Builder Data Filters, you can narrow your search to as specific or broad as you would like.

Detailed, Niche Filters

Every list will eventually get old and dated. The List Builder Engine allows you to sync your list criteria with county records, keeping your lists up to date. This can help you search lists more accurately.

You can choose your specific market, seller’s motivations, and name your list. When you sync up with the ‘Smart List’, your lists will automatically update and remove homes if they no longer fit the criteria you want.

Mobile Drawing

The mobile drawing feature allows you to draw over whole neighborhoods you want to reach and check for real estate leads.

This is one of the key features to help keep you looking in the exact area you want.

Quick Lists

The quick lists features allows you quick access to seeing preforeclosures, bank-owned properties, owners with multiple properties, cash transactions, as well as vacant properties, absentee-owned properties, and cash buyers.

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DealMachine Skip Tracing Features

DealMachine offers skip tracing features specifically tailored for real estate investors. With your DealMachine app you can bulk skip trace and  easily find real estate property owner’s phone numbers. You can even upload your own spreadsheets or skip trace property owners instantly and one at a time.

DealMachine’s skip tracing data is based on “right party contact” rates combined with quality transparency so everyone leaves the exchange happy. Combining these different features gives you several different breakdowns.

Bulk Skip Tracing

The bulk skip tracing has a “hit rate” which will tell you how many of your search attempts collected data and the “right party contact” shows you how many of your hit rates got you in contact with the right seller. The bulk skip tracing even verifies caller IDs. This particular feature helps you prioritize the caller ID matches and the property owner’s information.

DealMachine can easily handle bulk skip tracing of 500 records per minute. This is a lighting fast feature that is unique to the bulk skip tracing system DealMachine offers.

One-Off Skip Tracing

If you prefer to trace individual leads at a time, the One-Off Skip trace allows you to do this either on the mobile app or your desktop.

This is an incredibly handy feature when you’re driving for dollars.

Email Addresses

With the bulk skip tracing, you can even search for property owner’s email addresses. The app validates each individual email address and shows you the deliverability.

Additional Properties

One of the handies features with the DealMachine skip tracing allows you to see any other properties that may be owned by the same person. This helps you keep your contact fresh and relevant.

Bulk Upload

You can even upload your own spreadsheets for skip tracing so you don’t have to create new ones every time. This can also help if you have pre-existing spreadsheets you would like to sync and see the relevance of.

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DealMachine Direct Mail Features

For those that prefer the direct mail approach, DealMachine offers an option for this as well. One of the most tried and true ways to increase your ROI is by sending real estate mail to motivated sellers.

They also offer multiple features to make it easy as you move forward.

High-Converting Postcards

With DealMachine’s direct mail option, they allow you to target high-quality leads with a real estate direct mail postcard. The direct mail template allows you to take a photo of the property, input it on your postcard and send.

Showing the property helps secure the owner’s attention as they see their own property on the postcard.

Automated Follow-Up

One feature of DealMachine’s direct mail is that you don’t have to remember to follow up with a potential seller. You can easily set up an automatic process that re-sends your real estate direct mailers on a timed basis to potential sellers.

Customize Postcards

The option to customize your postcard for each and every property allows you to change details such as the message, color, and style.

Or if you prefer, you can even use DealMachine’s own direct mail templates which have a history of proven results.

ROI Tracker

With the ROI tracker, you can easily see all of your direct mail response rates. You can quickly see when mail was delivered. The tracker also automatically updates the status of properties and returned mail so as not to waste future time.

DealMachine Pricing

DealMachine may sound too good to be true with all of the extraordinary features they offer. So you’re probably wondering how much of a cost setback you’re looking at. That’s the good news. DealMachine offers pricing packages that grant you access to their system for prices that can suit any budget.

Starter: This package is specifically designed for part-time and beginners. It grants access for one user, up to 10,000 leads, and 1,000 exports per month. This package gives you access to:

  • Drive for Dollars
  • Daily Data Updates
  • MLS and County Comps
  • Mail Tracking
  • Route Tracking
  • List Organizer
  • Property Tags
  • Virtual Driving for Dollars
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • MLS Photos and Data
  • Zapier/API access
  • Chat Support
  • Courses and Tutorials

You also get mail prices at $.64, a $.17 skip trace, and $.34 corporate skip trace for trusts and LLCs. You can get all of this for $59 per month.

Pro: This package is modeled after what most investors need. With this package, 3 users are granted access and everything that is included in the standard package. This also adds up to 50,000 leads and 10,000 exports per month. Other useful features included in this package:

  • 10 Custom Fields
  • Elite Masterclass
  • Map Highlights
  • Route planning (turn-by-turn GPS)
  • Street Pic
  • Mail sequences
  • List stacking

You get mail prices at $.59, $.14 skip traces, and $.28 corporate skip traces for trusts and LLCs. This package rounds out at $99 monthly.

Teams: This package is made for larger investor teams. You are granted access for 15 users and everything in the pro and starter packages. You are granted up to 500,000 leads and 100,000 exports per month. Other unique features for this package:

  • Fully custom mail
  • Driver recruitment and training funnel
  • Custom pipeline
  • Up to 300 drivers
  • 25 custom fields
  • Priority chat support

You get mail prices around $.55, $.12 skip traces, and $.24 corporate skip traces for trusts and LLCs. This package will cost you $299 per month.

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DealMachine Integrations

DealMachine offers integrations through Zapier. With Zapier you can connect DealMachine and Podio without any codes.

With this integration you can:

  • Create items in Podio when new properties are added to DealMachine
  • Create Podio items for new deals in DealMachine
  • Connect your apps
  • Automate workflows

Zapier also supports various triggers and actions meaning that all of your Zaps connect your apps to automate tasks. Triggers start a Zap and Zap performs events as an action.

You can try a free trial if you want to see how this works for you.

Final Thoughts

DealMachine is the #1 Real Estate Investor App and the largest real estate investor software community for lead generation. They have over 22,00 active monthly members who have found success with DealMachine.

DealMachine has created quality software that few others can boast with easy to use features and live experts for support. They also post videos and articles on a timely basis to help further your knowledge in REI and bump up your ROI numbers. You can even partake in one of their weekly support and training sessions to make sure you use all the features at your disposal properly.

If you’re looking for reliable software as you navigate REI, DealMachine is simplifying real estate investors’ lives all over. This year, why not boost your REI numbers with DealMachine!

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