RealeFlow Review 2023 – Read before buying

RealeFlow is not just a CRM…

It leads the “CRM pack” in AI data.

But whether it’s worth it or not, depends on what type of investor you are and what type of wholesaling/flipping business you have.

So in this article, let’s give you a quick and deep review of the real estate tool, RealeFlow!


TL;DR version:

Most investors (beginner and experienced) can benefit from RealeFlow’s up-to-date software.

For beginners, it’s a complete REI business in one dashboard and it’s the lowest-priced CRM out there.

For experienced investors who already have a CRM, the AI data scoring tool can be worth the low price if you rely on data in your business.

Try them out for 14 days free, using this link!


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In this article we’ll go over:

    1. Price
    2. AI
    3. Top Features
    4. Pros and cons
    5. RealeFlow Reviews
    6. Who’s it for
    7. Alternatives to RealeFlow


RealeFlow review of pricing
RealeFlow has one of the lowest prices of most top REI crms (see our top ten CRM review sheet here).
And they make things simple with only 2 choices:
1. Lead Flow Invest (for solo beginner investors
2. Lead Flow Invest+ (for teams and/or experienced investors).
The biggest differences between the two is this: 
  1. Higher tier gets you more users, leads, and Ai zips
  2. Higher tier gets you list stacking, Parcel Mapping, skip tracing.

We recommend the higher tier if you’re a little more experienced and you’re getting more advanced in your data pulling. 

Skip tracing can be supplemented with another tool for a cheaper price.

See our review sheet on skiptracing tools.

Top Feature-AI

AI is hot today in 2023.
RealeFlow makes sure they’re on top of the game.
And for investors, that means having GREAT time-sensitive data.
So what RealeFlow does is use AI to SCORE data.
Which gives you data that is the most likely to sell.
They call it:
LeadPipes AI.
RealeFlow review of leadpipe Ai
Here’s a quick video done by an investor who uses it:

Other Top Features of RealeFlow

Realeflow is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software designed specifically for real estate professionals and investors. It offers tools for lead generation, deal analysis, property marketing, and management of real estate transactions.

Some of the features include:

1. Leadpipes: The AI tool we mentioned earlier for generating leads by searching for distressed property owners, cash buyers, private lenders, and more and using a lead scoring system with AI.

2. Deal Analyzer: Helps in calculating potential profits and expenses to evaluate the viability of real estate deals.

3. Direct Mail & Email Campaigns: Marketing tools to reach out to potential leads or customers — they also give you templates to use.

4. Repair Estimator: Estimates repair costs based on property details.

5. Property Websites: Users can create single property websites to showcase properties they have for sale or rent.

6. Task and Workflow Automation: Helps manage tasks and set up workflows to streamline real estate processes. They also give you templates and scripts you can use for following up with leads.

7. Document Management & E-signatures: Manage property documents and get e-signatures.

8. Contacts and Property Management: Organize contacts, manage properties, and track deal progress.

Pros and cons of RealeFlow

Biggest pros: 

  1. Top Ai data software
  2. “Rei Business in a box”
  3. Low price compared to other top CRMs
  4. One of the biggest CRM names in REI
  5. Both experienced and beginners use them — but for different reasons

Biggest cons: 

  1. Many investors we know don’t use RealeFlow as their main CRM — however this doesn’t mean that it’s a bad CRM; other factors affect popularity.
  2. They claim they get you “leads” however they aren’t technically “leads” but cold data you still have to reach out to
  3. They target more beginner investors — however many experienced investors use them for just the AI tool.
  4. Too many tools in a CRM can mean a confusing dashboard as well as lack of quality in other tools

RealeFlow Reviews

We pulled reviews online from real users of RealeFlow:

Who’s it for?

In our opinion, RealeFlow can be used by all off-market real estate investors.

Once you learn a CRM, you don’t want to move into another CRM, and RealeFlow with all the same capabilities as other CRMs on the market.

But if you already have a CRM, we DON’T recommend you switch to RealeFlow

However… you can still use the top feature of RealeFlow, it’s AI Leadpipes software.

Which is used by many to bring top data.

Alternatives to RealeFlow

There are many tools inside RealeFlow.

However, like most CRMs that offer all the tools in one dashboard, those tools aren’t necessarily the best on the market.

So here’s a list of alternatives for each “category of tools and software in REI“:

  1. CRM: A comparable CRM is REI Blackbook
  2. Skip Tracing: SkipForce is a great skiptracing tool at a low price
  3. Website: Though RealeFlow provides websites, Carrot is top in producing SEO-friendly websites for investors.
  4. List pulling: Propstream is one of the top in pulling niche lists.
  5. Driving 4 dollars: Though RealeFlow doesn’t have a D4$ application, you can supplement your deal finding using Deal Machine



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