2023 ReSimpli Complete Review (Read before buying!)

Here’s the bottom line for a ReSimpli CRM review:

If you’re a real estate investor, flipper, or wholesaler who has 10+ new leads a month…

ReSimpli might be your choice of CRM (lead management software) if you’re looking for:

  1. Best price — check out their pricing here.
  2. All-in-one tool (has almost EVERYTHING you need to run your business)
  3. Great customer support

Those three things make ReSimpli a top choice for real estate investors but in the rest of the article we’ll dive deep into things like (go ahead and click on these to jump to the section):

        1. Number one feature
        2. Do you still need a CRM?
        3. Podio vs ReSimpli
        4. ReSimpli General Review
        5. Built and USED by an Investor
        6. Features
        7. Price of ReSimpli
        8. Cons of ReSimpli
        9. Alternatives to ReSimpli


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Before we get into these details…

First lets explain something:

#1 Feature of ReSimpli


ReSimpli Strives to be the #1 All-in-one tool for off-market investors.

If you are someone who’d rather keep all their tools under “1 house” or one dashboard, then ReSimpli is one of the most affordable and easy-to-use software for that.

Now let’s clear the air and see if you even need a CRM…

Do you still need a CRM?

There are MANY CRMs in the REI market.

And many new investors jump into it prematurely without first knowing HOW To bring leads into their “universe”.

[If you’re new, and learning how to find deals, you might want to check out this fantastic tool called “Deal Machine” that cost little to start and you can have a deal after 300-400 leads].

And you should only be kicking the idea around of buying into a CRM if you have 5+ new leads every month.

Podio vs ReSimpli

Many investors opt into building their own CRM with Podio.

Podio is not a “ready-made-CRM” like ReSimpli.

You have to build it out.

You have to build out the dashboard the features etc.

To build it, you’ll either need to be savvy in the development world… or hire someone. Hiring someone can cost a couple of thousand dollars depending on the features…. And it’s never done. Because developers really only go by YOUR directions; and unless you have experience flipping houses and in CRMs… you can’t anticipate everything you need (or don’t need).

That’s why if you’re not experienced in the world of CRM’s we DON’T recommend building your own.

ReSimpli General Review

As a real estate investor or flipper, finding and managing leads efficiently can make all the difference in your business. Fortunately, Resimpli, a lead management software designed specifically for the real estate industry, can make this process easier and more streamlined.

Although it’s costly per month (most CRMs are going to be costly in the range of $100-$500), ReSimpli is one of the more cost-effective one offering a huge variety of tools inside

ReSimpli offers a wide range of features that can help real estate investors and flippers manage their leads more effectively.

Below is a demo video of ReSimpli in Action!

Built and USED by an Investor

One great thing about ReSimpli is that owner and creator, Sharad Metha, is STILL an investor.

He originally created ReSimpli for his own use — never intended selling it.

But there was a high demand and he created a business out of it.

The reason we believe this is important is because few CRMs on the market are actually (not only) built by an active investor-owner, but are still being used by an active investor-owner. So that means he’s getting first-time feedback.

Features of ReSimpli

Let’s dive a little deeper into their features…

Clean/easy Dashboard

One of its standout features is its intuitive dashboard, which provides an overview of all leads and displays important information on each lead that makes it easier to sort, segment, and prioritize your leads.

It’s easy to navigate and simple (hence the name)… this is crucial when time is a factor and you’re managing lots of leads. You want to quickly get to where you want to be.


Custom fields

Additionally, Resimpli allows investors and flippers to create custom fields so that they can track the data that is most important to them. Users can customize the labels on the fields and collect data on contact information, financial data, and more.

Drip Campaigns

The money is in the follow-up and ReSimpli has a great drip campaign function where you can add a lead into it and automatic SMS, emails, and tasks will go out. You can build your own, you have use the handful of ones that ReSimpli has…

… or you can ask these guys at OmniDrip, to build an elaborate one for you inside your CRM.

Organized Lead Dashboard

The most important of a CRM is how easy and functional is the lead management system. They offer a simple place to store your leads, tag them, categorize them, assign them, and ultimately keep track of them.

KPI Monitoring

Knowing your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), for your business is an important feature to have in a CRM. You want to know your metrics; things like Financial figures, team conversion metrics, “time to lead”, etc.

Additional “extra” features of ReSimpli

As mentioned, ReSimpli is an “All-in-one-tool”. So that means their focus is not just Lead management… but also have ALL the tools you need to run a wholesaling/flipping operation.

This is good and bad depending on where you’re at in your real estate investing career… but we’ll go into detail about each one of the extras that aren’t necessarily “Lead Management”. (if you want to see an article on a CRM that is NOT an all-in-one tool but focuses on being the best lead management software for investors… check out this “Investor Fuse Review” here).

List Stacking

List stacking is a popular strategy used by real estate investors to maximize their chances of finding motivated sellers. Essentially, it involves compiling multiple lists of potential leads and then combining them to create a master list. This master list can include data from sources such as tax delinquencies, probate filings, foreclosure notices, and absentee owner records. By stacking these lists, investors can target properties that are more likely to be in distress or have a higher likelihood of being sold below market value. This approach can help investors save time and money by focusing their marketing efforts on the most promising leads and increasing their chances of finding profitable deals.

ReSimpli now has the ability to do this inside its CRM.

If you want to check out a tool that put “List stacking” on the map, and specialized in “List Stacking”…. check out our review on a tool called “ReiSift”.

Here’s a quick view of their easy-to-use dashboard with the KPI’s section on the left:

ReSimpli Dashboard KPIs

Skip Tracing

If you’re not using a tool like “Batch Leads” to skip trace or PropStream

ReSimpli now has that ability inside their CRM for you.

Skip Tracing is crucial in the real estate industry as there will be MANY sellers you need to locate.

Dialer (Phone System)

You can now call sellers right inside ReSimpli’s dashboard. A cool feature to have when you have a team and need to keep track of callouts or need a dialer for cold calling.


Good bookkeeping and accounting is a fundamental success tool for business. ReSimpli encourages to take good business practice by keeping your revenue and expenses accounted for, right inside their CRM so you can have a good income and balance sheet for your business.

Cash Buyer System

Do need to have a separate CRM for your buyers… keep it all inside ReSimpli.

Seller Website

Don’t have a motivated seller site like Carrot offers?

ReSimpli can give you a templated website for your business.

Direct Mail

You can send direct mail inside of the ReSimpli CRM. They use Ballpoint Marketing as their preferred vendor and have set up integration so that you can send mail with a click of button!

Driving for Dollars

Now competing with Deal Machine, they have set up an app to keep track of your “Driving 4 $$” marketing routes.

So as you can see… ReSimpli’s goal is to be a “All-in-one” tool for off market investors so that investors can stay on one dashboard.

To get their full list of features go here.

Price of ReSimpli

Fairly less expensive the other CRMs they offer 3 different tiers.

Each tier will vary on what type of features you get.

Check out exactly what you get here. 

ReSimpli pricing review

Cons of ReSimpli

Every tool has its flaws and as we’re a “consumer reporting” blog for investors… we’ll bring the best…and the worst of all tools.

Is all-in-one right for you?

Though having “everything” in a box sounds appealing there are two negatives to it:

1. All-in-one-tool comes with flaws

The CRM might be lousy as some of the extra tools it brings to the table (not saying this is the case for ReSimpli, you’d have to try them out here….). These types of “all-in-one” tools aren’t the best at EVERYTHING… they are typically good at only one 1-2 two things; by trying to become in “bouquet shop” for investors they might fall short in some of the tools they bring.

But… sometimes for larger teams, you can’t afford time wasted and confusion because you have 5 other tools that the team has to log into. So keeping everything under “1 house” (regardless if it’s not the best dialer for example) might still be a better choice for you.

2. You don’t have control over the tools

Because ReSimpli gives you the tool to use in their CRM, you don’t have a choice on what to integrate.

Other CRM’s, like Investor Fuse, concentrate on integration rather than loading up their choice of tools into the dashboard… that way you get to choose which tool.

However… this has not been a drawback for most investors using ReSimpli. Because the tools that an investor will have on their “monthly bill” might be at the most 4-5. So the ones that absolutely must has ReiSift (for example) as their “list stacker“, still use ReiSift AND ReSimpli.

Alternatives to ReSimpli

We want this to be a HONEST review of ReSimpli and a “consumer report” for those on the fence.

So here are 3 comparable CRMs for you.

1. REI BlackBook 

rei Blackbook alternative to ReSimpli

Pricing: Cheaper than ReSimply

Who’s it for?: Beginner real estate investors

Top Features: All-in-one tool. Simpler to use

How does it compare: It’s cheaper but doesn’t perform the same complex tasks like ReSimpli, nor doesn’t have all the tools ReSimply has. A Pro to is however, it’s designed for the beginner real estate investor so it’s much simpler to use

2. Investor Fuse – see our review of IF here

Investor fuse alternative to ReSimpli

Pricing: About the same pricing as ReSimpli — some tiers are cheaper than others in ReS

Who’s it For?: Like ReSimpli, they target investors who have done deals, and are experienced but they welcome new investors as well.

Top features: Their goal is to be great at lead management software, and have awesome integrations with the top tools in the industry. That way investors can still use IF AND their favorite tools at the same time.

How does it compare: Investor Fuse and ReSimpli are very different in who they are for. If you already have your favorite tools and you don’t want to switch, you might want to consider IF. However, if you don’t care, or you have a larger team and keeping everything under 1 roof to ease of running a business is more important to you, that you might want to consider ReSimpli.

3. RealeFlow — See our review of RealeFlow here

How ReSimpli compares with RealeFlow

Pricing: About the same pricing as ReSimpli

Who’s it For?: They target newer investors — HOWEVER, many investors (who already have a different CRM) use RealeFlow for the AI data.

Top features: AI for data. — Check how they can bring they can score your data using AI

How does it compare: The prices are the same, and they DO advertise as being a “all-in-one” tool. RealeFlow has the AI scoring function that ReSimpli doesn’t have. Which is a powerful tool that a lot of savvy investors use (they tend to use a different CRM then RealeFlow however).

However one pro of ReSimpli OVER RealeFlow is that the owner of ReSimpli, Sharad, is an active investor. It says a lot when the creator of CRM also uses it.


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